Share the Love this Christmas

Share the Love this Christmas

Share the love this Christmas

For many yeas we have spent Christmas in hospital but this year we are very excited that we will be home with our family.

But it makes us sad to think of all the other patients that won't be going home to spend time with the people they love.

Please help the hospital look after all the special people that will be spending Christmas and the holidays in hospital.

Please make a donation and help give the gift of good health this Christmas.

Love Jennifer Jaydalee and Riubah

Jenna and Jayda's Story

These two beautiful sisters were born with a genetic disease that has not been seen anywhere else worldwide. When Jenna was only 2 and a half a low immune system pointed to early problems, which was followed by the diagnosis of liver disease. This began a life of endless operations and procedures, along with DNA, skin, and liver samples sent overseas to try and help find a diagnosis. Unfortunately to date the family have not had any answers.

Jenna has spent over 18 months living at hospital, and has now had a live transplant. Jenna then continued becoming quiet ill post-transplant and is now in kidney failure, which has been another part of the mystery illness. She now requires large amounts of medication to keep her body functioning and due to being unable to absorb what she needs, is now fed through a tube in her belly, for up to 14 hours a day.

In another blow for the family, Jenna's younger sister was also diagnoised with the same mystery illness at a young age.

Now aged nine, Jayda became so unwell around her eighth birthday that she was classified as the sickest child in all of Australia and was put to the top of the list for a liver transplant.

After her transplant a variety of problems arose with her health including pneumonia, ICU delirium, blocked hepatic artery, and diabetes from the transplant.

Since then Jayda has also spent many months in hospital battling this illness and is now also facing kidney disease. It is expected that both girls will lose at least four of their organs to the disease.

However this Christmas will be a happy one for the Conci family as they are able to spend Christmas together at home after many spent in hospital.

Love from The Conci Family

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