Christmas Wish List Appeal - Wrens Story

Christmas Wish List Appeal - Wrens Story

 Being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer at age 24 meant Shae Spry was known to family and friends as a fighter and a survivor.

However, little did she know that her future son, Wren, was also going to show his fighting spirit ten years later, just like his Mum.

After undergoing cancer treatment and spending five years on a clinical trial,Shae and her husband Marc were unsure if they would ever become parents.

They were overwhelmed with joy when 10 years after her diagnosis, the couple found out they were pregnant with their first child. Shae had a relatively normal pregnancy up until 32 weeks when she experienced strong pains.

Shae and Marc hurried to their local Portland Hospital where it was confirmed she was in early labour.

It was decided the weather conditions weren’t suitable for an air ambulance transfer to Melbourne, requiring a much longer journey on the road to Geelong.

Shae was relieved when many hours after first getting in an ambulance in Portland, she finally arrived into the care of waiting staff at University Hospital Geelong. Staff administered steroids for the baby’s lungs and muscle relaxants for Shae to stall labour. She was in labour for a further three days and then at 11.30am on Friday 26 October their baby boy Wren was born.

Shae was overjoyed and relieved knowing her baby was safe and finally here.

“Everyone at University Hospital Geelong was phenomenal - from the midwives, to the doctors and registrars. Not only were they amazing with Wren, but they were so supportive of Marc and I. It really felt like we were being helped and cared for by friends.”

“Having an overnight room for parents in the Special Care Nursery has made a big difference and has allowed me to breastfeed Wren, which I couldn’t have done if I was off-site.”

As Christmas draws closer, Shae and Marc are urging the Geelong community to support the Barwon Health Foundation’s Christmas Wish List Appeal.

“We are so grateful for the care we received from Barwon Health and we are so happy we can tell our story to encourage the community to support this wonderful health service and its staff.”

Donate today or buy an item off the Barwon Health Foundation’s Christmas Wish List Appeal and support families like Shae, Marc and little Wren.

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