Bricks4Kids - Lesley's Story

Bricks4Kids - Lesley's Story

Lesley’s Story

The 20th of March 2016 started off like any other day for the Dunn family.

18-month-old Lesley and her mum Andie were at home playing on the couch and enjoying their new home they’d just moved into.

In what Andie describes as an instant, Lesley had climbed on top of the couch and had banged on the fly screen of the open window. The fly screen gave way leaving Lesley to fall three metres from the second story of the home to the concrete below.

Andie describes the traumatic event that changed their life,

“It was by far the worst day of my life. Lesley sustained serious head injuries and we didn't know if she was going to make it. The stress of going through her recovery put a large strain on our family, however as time has passed it has made us into a much stronger family unit.”

In response to Lesley's accident, multiple ambulances attended the family home and worked hard to stabilise the toddler. Lesley was then taken to a local football oval and was placed in an induced coma before being flown by helicopter to Melbourne.

After spending two months in Melbourne the Dunn family were finally able to bring their little girl home to Geelong, where Lesley commenced the first steps to recovery.

Thanks to the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service (VPRS) Leslie was able to continue her rehabilitation here in Geelong.

Andie doesn’t know where her family would have been without this support and rehabilitation treatment here close to home in Geelong:

“The VPRS team has supported us through our journey at home after Lesley's accident. It provides information and guidance when we are faced with any ongoing rehabilitation issues we may have,” Andie said.

But Lesley is doing her rehabilitation alongside adults, which often made the sessions uncomfortable and awkward.

“We are so lucky in Geelong to have the VPRS, however having a kid’s-only facility will enable Lesley to feel comfortable in her surroundings; it will allow her to run amok in a safe way without the anxiety of her parents that she’ll interrupt the rehabilitation of other clients of the McKellar centre.

Today, two-years after her fall, Lesley is doing remarkably well. After her accident she was unable to support her own head - now running circles around us! She’s vibrant and full of life. We know there may be some ongoing issues but we face these obstacles with positivity and hope!  Having a centre built just for kids, will make a big difference to kids like Lesley.”

At the moment Andie’s hope for her little girl is just to keep achieving her goals to she can enjoy life as a normal child.

“Lesley is so outgoing, she loves people, being their friend and just playing without a care. She is so empathetic and understanding of others. I could go on for hours about how amazing she is but I'll leave it there.

“You never think anything will happen to your family - it’s always someone else but sometimes it is you...and to know this team is there to help your child reach their full potential in a fun way is just one of the best things about Geelong.”