Regular Donations

Regular gifts allow you to support the work of the Barwon Health Foundation and provide you with a way of planning your giving through the year in one simple step.

Regular givers are very important to the Barwon Health Foundation as their support allows us to plan for the future

Knowing we have regular supporters allow us to plan and budget for the future ensuring our priorities within the health service are funded and supported.

All you need to do is click on the donate now button and choose the amount and the frequency of your donation. You will receive regular tax deductible receipts for your records.

You can choose whether your support is weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The donation will automatically be charged at the time you choose and a tax deductible receipt will automatically be sent 0out. Regular giving is a great way to space your donation throughout the year.

To make a regular donation or set up a regular giving plan click here.

Thank you for helping to give the gift of good health.