Our History

Barwon Health was formed on 1 April 1998, following approval of the Governor in Council, acting on the recommendation of the Minister for Health, and incorporated The Geelong Hospital, Grace McKellar Centre, and the Geelong, Corio and Surfcoast Community Health Services.

The Foundation and its appointed Trustees is a semi-autonomous committee of Barwon Health, complying generally with Barwon Health policies and procedures and working in close liaison with the Chief Executive. It is known as the Barwon Health Foundation.

By resolution made on 26 June 2002, the Board of Directors of Barwon Health resolved that this charter be adopted by them to formalise the establishment of the Barwon Health Foundation (the Foundation).

The Foundation exists to create and nurture philanthropic partnerships between the community and Barwon Health. It is the vehicle through which individuals, community groups and organisations can contribute to Barwon Health's further development as a specialist provider of acute, rehabilitation, aged and community health care, providing the community with access to a comprehensive range of health care services. It is also a vehicle for providing a source of funds to advance the development of clinical research conducted by staff employed by Barwon Health.

The Foundation works to develop a donor base and to explore and implement contemporary concepts of fundraising. The Foundation's role in facilitating fund raising, will contribute to the provision of better health care and wellbeing for the population in the Barwon and South-West regions of the state.

The Barwon Health Hospital Appeal was launched in 2008 and refers to the current fundraising focus of the Barwon Health Foundation.